Flip fear the finger

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, but it was the right time.

Now I’m back in Blighty, old routines and easy options abound, threatening my determination to do something different. Doubt seeps in at every corner, encouraged by the tuts of the elderly and the frowns of the concerned.

Escape The City popped up about a year before I headed overseas and provided some much needed inspiration for leaving the comfort of Fitzrovia. Sign up and you get 10 jobs on a Monday that will inspire the shit out of you.

Escape the city

This week, this popped into my inbox: Rethink Fear in Your Career. Rob’s TEDx talk confronts fear and how it holds you back. How it stops you achieving.

Fear pisses me off. When I’m scared, I’m not as friendly or helpful to others as I usually am. I’m more defensive, too. Fear stops me rock climbing, singing, dancing, laughing…argh! It’s a pain in the ass.

One of my favourite tricks when I am travelling is to break down any fear I have, by comparing it to something far more terrifying that I have overcome. For example:

Gotta get on a bus by yourself tomorrow? You got on a night bus in Brazil without a word of Portuguese and survived a drug dealing Spaniard asking you to put marijuana up your bum.

And I instantly feel much better about public transport.

Rob suggests using fear as an indicator of something that might be worth pursuing because often, fear surrounds the unknown. If it’s scary, it’s worth doing, he says. Have a read.


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    So true. DibbleDabbles on Fear.

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